Ice Cream Kiosk's 

Our high output pagoda ice cream kiosk is an excellent choice for any event, big or small. With its advanced capabilities, it is fully self-sufficient, meaning that it doesn't require any additional equipment to operate. This is especially beneficial for outdoor events, as the kiosk does not require a generator to function. Instead, it runs on mains power, eliminating the need for noisy generators that can disrupt the ambiance of the event. This feature makes our pagoda ice cream kiosk a great option for events such as festivals, fairs, and outdoor parties, where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.
Our pagoda ice cream kiosk is fully compliant with all relevant electrical regulations. We hold all necessary electrical and PAT certificates, ensuring that the kiosk is safe to operate and use. Additionally, our kiosk has been thoroughly inspected and approved by the local environmental department, ensuring that it meets all necessary environmental standards.
Carbon Reduction Policy
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